3D-navigated implantation

A few years ago, 3D-navigated implantation was still unthinkable for implantologists in private practice and was mainly used experimentally at university hospitals.

Today, this is possible with the use of modern 3D X-ray (DVT) also easily possible in the dental practice. Thus, we provide our patients with uncomplicated access to this treatment option.

3D navigated implantation in no way replaces skill and experience. It is merely an aid to safely manage particularly tight anatomical situations. 3D navigation offers good support for working with minimally invasive surgical approaches.




  • Determination of the treatment plan
  • Preparation of the 3D X-ray (DVT) and intraoral scan
  • Planning the position of the implants and the future dental crowns
  • The data from the 3d X-ray is overlaid with the data from the intraoral scanner
  • Fabrication of a surgical guide with exact implant position
  • Implementation of the procedure


Output X-ray
View of the virtual 3D planning, the cutouts for the drill sleeves are shown in green
Final X-ray with implants