Maxillofacial surgery

Our goal is to perform all oral surgical procedures as carefully and gently as possible. Here, the focus is on reducing postoperative side effects such as swelling and pain to a minimum and also achieving the best possible long-term result.

Oral surgery consists of the subfield of implantology and also of following subcategories:

Wisdom tooth removal

For most wisdom teeth that do not reach the level of the general chewing plane, it is a rough guideline to remove them by the age of 30 in order to prevent potential infections and other later problems. In some cases, the removal of wisdom teeth is also necessary as part of braces treatment. The vast majority of wisdom teeth can be removed in a short operation under local anesthesia.

Root apex resection

Root apex resection is the surgical removal of the lowest section of the tooth root apex. The surrounding inflamed tissue is also removed at the same time.

Diagnostic ablation of neoplasms - biopsies

A wide variety of neoplasms can appear in the oral cavity. It is usually advisable to remove them and have them diagnosed by a pathologist. The findings and the further procedure are discussed with the patient in our office.

Surgical crown lengthening

This technique is used to lengthen remaining tooth stumps by ablating the surrounding tissue to allow prosthetic restoration with a crown, veneer or bridge.

Even if too much gum shows when smiling (a so-called Gummy Smile), the removal of excess gum can contribute to improved aesthetics.

Lip frenulum severing

Lip frenulum that is set too low can not only be annoying. Sometimes they are also the cause of gaps between teeth, receding gums and dirt niches. The cutting or lengthening of the frenulum is a short procedure under local anesthesia.

Tongue frenulum Severance

Tongue frenulum that is set too low can significantly restrict tongue mobility. In children, this can restrict or delay the formation of sounds. The cutting or lengthening of the lingual frenulum is also a short procedure under local anesthesia.