Cost, Refund & Tax


A frequently asked question is how much one or more dental implants dental implants cost. Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. give. The individuality of each patient in terms of anatomical conditions, requirements and other factors do not allow a general answer to this question. general answer to this question.

Each patient has different expectations of the final result , brings different medical conditions and has a personal budget for treatment costs.

A treatment and cost plan is always prepared and discussed before treatment begins. For smaller plans, this can be done verbally. A larger work is always recorded in writing in advance.

We always try to find a solution for our patients and not to let the treatment fail because of the costs.

For example, it is also possible to arrange an installment plan. If many small installments are desired, we rather recommend a consumer loan. Both can be discussed in the course of case planning.


Dental implants are purely private services. However, depending on your insurance, you may be granted a subsidy.

With the BVA it is 350€ for the implant and 200€ for the crown. In special medical cases, a special subsidy can be granted in addition.

Most statutory insurance companies also provide a subsidy for implant treatment in special medical cases, such as after tumor diseases.


The costs for dental treatment in general are in principle deductible in the tax return or employee assessment. Here you can claim the costs for yourself, your children and for spouses with low or no income as an extraordinary burden.

We recommend that you clarify this with your tax advisor in advance. Likewise, they usually bear a small deductible, which depends on your income.